The Miner Theatre

-Since 1948-


Friday, September 28, 2018 at 10pm


Tournament begins at 10pm on Friday night.
Entry fee is $2 per player.
Spectators can watch for free.
Pizza and regular theatre concessions will be available.
System: XBOX ONE

Winner will receive t-shirt, money, and free movie pass.
2nd place will receive a voucher for free concessions.

4v4 (Teams need to be 2-4 players)

Teams will take turns playing on the Xbox One on the theatre's big screen. Each team will play against the Bermuda team via an online connection.

Bermuda team will consist of 3-4 Bermudians who live and game in Bermuda. They are all experienced gamers who will put up a good game.

Teams that beat Bermuda will move onto the Winner's bracket. The winning team will be the one that has the highest goal differential. In case of tie, teams will play each other in a local match.
Loser's bracket will only be used if no teams are able to beat Bermuda. In case of a Loser's bracket, all teams replay Bermuda to see who has the most goals overall. 

In case of hurricane affecting Bermuda, we will play 2v2 local play.

Time Limit: To be determined based on number of participants.